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About Chaya

The word Chaya is Japanese and means "little tea house". And that's how it all started. With a small tea shop that has grown bigger over the years but still offers a very personal service to all customers. 
The Chaya universe consists of two tea shops selling 80 different varieties of tea, great accessories such as tea pots as well as a selection of cakes, jam, honey and other exquisite things. Everything is also available online, and we are happy to organize company gifts for both big and small events. 
In Queen Louise's Tea House in Bernstorffsparken north of Copenhagen we serve brunch and afternoon tea every weekend during the summer and weekends just before Christmas. You can also enjoy tapas and wine in the Rose Garden during the summer.
We plan meetings, private parties and company events both in Queen Louise's Tea House and in Paradehuset, a big greenhouse decorated with farmers tables and benches to create a unpretentious atmosphere and with a view of both the sky and the garden. 
Once a year, we hold a silver exhibition at Bernstorff Slot (Bernstorff Castle) where we sell fine silver-plated tea sets with tea pots, milk jugs and sugar bowls as well as porcelain tea cups, saucers and dessert plates found at auctions in Scotland. For more than 20 years, we have been traveling to Scotland every year to fint exquisite things from around 1880 to 1920. It is all for sale at Queen Louise's Tea House. 
Chaya is run by three generations of women; Bente Valbak (middle), Kirstine Laurents (left) og Sofie Laurents (right).