Flavoured Black Tea

Flavoured black tea is a plantation tea (pure tea) with added flavour in the form of fruit oils, flowers or pieces of fruit.
The plantation tea used as base in each blend is of great importance to the final taste of the tea. At Chaya, we have a wide selection of flavoured black teas. You can see all our variants below. They each have their own characteristics and taste nuances, and we are sure you will find one that you like. If you love flavoured black tea, you will undoubtedly find pleasure in trying several of our variants. 

Black tea characteristics
Black tea is actually green tea that has been through an oxidation process (known in the world of teas as fermentation). In the process, the leaves turn black. The dark colour is a typical characteristic of both the tea leaves and the ready-made tea. It comes in many nuances and variants. 

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A tea for every taste.