"Best before" service

Join Chaya in the fight against food waste!

At Chaya, we want to contribute to reducing food waste. We have therefore we have chosen to sell products that are either close to the expiration date or will no longer be included in our product range at greatly reduced prices. This means that you will get great quality at a good price and at the same time you will help reduce food waste.

Below you can see current products that are either being removed from our product range or are approaching the expiration date. Each product is marked with a "best before" date. Obviously we do not sell products if something is wrong with them! Similarly, we have made a small area in our stores where these products are displayed. The offers are valid as long as we have products in stock and there is not exchange or return. 

Furthermore, Chaya donates tea to the soup kitchen in Lyngby, a place for locals who are socially disadvantaged or lonely. The soup kitchen is open 3 days a week where those in need can stop by and get a cup of soup (and tea) and a chat.

According to the Danish Environment Protection Agency, food waste accounts for 24% of the total waste in our household bins. An average Dane produces about 1 kg of food waste a week. We want to help reduce that amount!

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