At Chaya, we take our social and societal responsibilities seriously. Therefore, our products must not only meet customer expectations, but also be produced under conditions that are in line with human rights and principles of sustainability.


Circular economy, recycling and environmentally friendly materials
We are working purposefully towards a transition to a more circular economy in a wide range of areas. As an important part of our green business plan, we are part of the exciting initiative Sustainable Bottom Line. The project is part of Gate 21, a partnership between regions, municipalities, companies and knowledge institutions under Greater Copenhagen, which works towards the common goal of accelerating the green transition and growth. In the work to optimize our sustainable profile, we focus, among other things, on reducing the cost of and the environmental burden on packaging, marketing materials and waste sorting. Read about our environmental policy - Click here.

Help reduce food waste
We also want to contribute to reducing food waste. In Denmark, we collectively throw away more than 700,000 tonnes of food per year, which could have been eaten instead. In order to ensure that we at Chaya do not throw out products that are not faulty, we reduce the price by up to 70% when a product is approaching its "best before" date or is no longer in our range. You can find these items under "date service" in our stores or online.

Human rights, labor rights, the environment and anti-corruption are important focus areas in our corporate culture. Therefore, we only work with suppliers who focus on these matters. To ensure that we have control over the business processes of our partners, Chaya has been working with CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) since 2013. In 2013, we joined the UNGC's (United Nations Global Compact) guidelines, and in line with our development, we report and document our initiatives. This gives us a unique opportunity to ensure that we constantly take the necessary social responsibility. Read Chaya's CSR report for 2020 - Click here.