Jam & Honey

You should definitely try our delicious jams called "Passion for Jam". We have a variety of very tasty jams with distinct fruit flavour and a good texture. The fruit content is 55%. Furthermore, we carry Buckthorn and Cloudberry / Hjortron from a small family-owned company on the west coast of Sweden just north of Halmstad.

Honey is a must and especially with tea. The best honey we have ever tasted is from the beehives in Frederiksberg Garden. You have the choice of a solid honey, which is great with bread or a liquid late summer honey, which is better for cooking. Both have been collected from flowers in and around Frederiksberg Garden and produced by Roberto Kastrup. He harvests honey 3 times a year; spring, midsummer and late summer. Both colour and taste depend on the time of harvest as the bees collect nectar from different flowers and plants. In general, spring honey is light and mild while late summer honey is darker and more spicy.
We carry solid honey all year, while liquid honey is only available from the summer and late summer harvests.

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