White Tea

No, white tea is not black tea with milk! It refers to tea made from the finest buds that are picked from the tea bush just before it blooms. The best white teas are harvested over a period of only a few days in the spring. White tea has been produced in China for many years, and the white Chinese teas have always been among the world's finest. In recent times, other countries have also acquired the skills. White Chinese tea is an unusual tea from the highlands of the Chinese province of Fujian. The drink has an almost crystal clear and light orange colour, a fresh, slight sweet scent with a nice full-bodied flavour.

Preparation of white tea
White tea is prepared in the same way as green tea. The temperature of the boiling water should drop to 65-85°C, and it is strongly recommended that white tea does not reach the same high temperature as Oolong and black tea.
Infusion time depends on the individual blends - read the instructions on the bag. The tea leaves can often be reused several times but not to the same extent as green tea.

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